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August 17, 2020

Concorde Battery Higher Capacity RG-41/53 for Piper M500 & M600 Receives FAA STC Approval

WEST COVINA, CA – Concorde Battery Corporation is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Platinum Series® Turbine starting lineup, the RG-41/53. This robust 53 Ah AGM battery is TSO-C173a approved and eligible for installation in Piper PA-46-500TP and PA-46-600TP aircraft with FAA STC SA01050DE. The STC approves installation of the RG-41/53 battery in place of Piper Part Number 601-910. It is eligible for use on aircraft registered in the United States and those in Canada under Staff Instruction (SI) 513-003.

Concorde STC SA01050DE and RG-41/53 were specifically designed to offer a heavy-duty battery option to M500 and M600 operators without modification to the airframe. Increased starting power and reserve capacity by nearly 40% reduces engine wear appreciably and reduces the depth of discharge on engine start resulting in increased battery life.

Concorde’s RG-41/53 and STC SA01050DE are available through Concorde’s worldwide authorized distributor network. Concorde sealed lead acid batteries never require water replenishment, are maintenance free and pose no threat of thermal runaway.

Concorde Battery Corporation is recognized and respected worldwide as the manufacturer of premium valve regulated sealed lead acid aircraft batteries. For over 40 years Concorde has supplied the US and foreign militaries, has been the preference by airframe manufacturers for OE installations and is the top choice for business and general aviation aircraft operators universally.

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