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October 16, 2019

KADEX Announces 25th Anniversary

KADEX Aero Supply began as one-room operation in 1994, with a team of 4 including John Lavery, Ken Blow, Glenda Lavery & Rob Weaver. Today with a team of 35 hard-working team members, KADEX has gained a worldwide following. From the beginning, KADEX has taken pride in specializing in legacy airframes – Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper support, and swiftly grew to include Viking, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter and more in this repertoire.

In steadily growing their business, KADEX has built a community surrounding their customers and vendors, as well as internally with their employees. With the first location opening in 1994 and the second location opening in 2005, KADEX has expanded to easily distribute from coast to coast, and beyond.

“Twenty-five years! Hard for us to believe. Who would have predicted that with little more than a unique opportunity and a four-person team – we’d survive to celebrate ‘25’,” according to John Lavery, President and CEO of KADEX Aero Supply. “Some would say our survival is a tribute to hard work and good luck. We’d like to think our success results from both, plus a constant commitment to our guiding principles, doing the right thing, commitment to employees and their families, and delivering high quality value-added service to our great customers and vendors.”

KADEX would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to their customers, both old and new. As always, you can trust KADEX to connect you with the right part at the right time.

Click Here to see the 25th anniversary video!

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