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November 13, 2018

KADEX Aero Supply Now Distributing Tanis Preheat Systems

Tanis Aircraft Products is the leading manufacturer of Aircraft Engine Preheat systems. Established in 1974, Tanis was the first to develop aircraft engine preheat systems for piston engines, first to offer helicopter preheat, first to offer turbine preheat, and the first to meet the rigorous requirements for FAA Supplemental Type Certification. With this impressive track record, it’s no surprise KADEX is proud to announce that we are now carrying a full line of these products.

Pre-heating your aircraft is essential when the engine has been allowed to drop to temperatures below -10F/-12C, and is recommended when the outside air temperature is below 50F/10C. Tanis preheat systems thoroughly heat-soak the engine, which reduces the chance of frost on spark plugs, and condenses start-up time. This saves fuel, as well as wear and tear on your engine.

KADEX Aero Supply has been distributing a wide range of manufacturers of aviation products for over 24 years. “We are very excited to be a stocking distributor of the Tanis Product Line.  Canadians have embraced the Tanis Line for decades; having it easily on-hand in both warehouses will ensure our core customer has quick and easy access to Tanis Quality with simple delivery options,” says Ken Blow, Vice President of KADEX Aero Supply.

Please click here to learn more about the preheat systems KADEX distributes.

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