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August 16, 2017

Dumping Vacuum for Electric

Here’s a common scenario: You bring your airplane to the avionics shop for its 24-month IFR pitot and static system certification and the tech says you’ll be wheels up in a couple of hours. Thirty minutes later while you’re cooling your heels in the pilot lounge, the technician tracks you down with news you don’t want to hear: Your Vacuum Horizon Gyro has flunked the test.

With dollar signs dancing in your brain, the technician rattles off your options and none of them are easy or cheap. What’s an owner to do? Send the unit out for overhaul (again)? Order an exchange (again)?  Think again….How about dumping that 1960’s Vacuum Indicator for a LifeSaver Electric Gyro with a Standby Battery built right into the unit?

The Electric Lifesaver by Mid-Continent Instruments including the 4200 (2 inch) and 4300 (3-1/8 inch) line of electric attitude indicators, all of which are lit internally (with Long Life LED’s) and operate on 10v to 32v DC.

The 4200 series weighs only 1.5 lbs. and is designed for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft where panel space is at a premium. The instrument can be ordered with up to a 20-degree panel tilt as well as in a configuration to match existing instruments or EFIS displays, minimizing a pilot’s need to transition to them.

Dubbed “The Lifesaver,” Mid Continent’s 4300 series, on the other hand, is more affordable and flexible. Needing the same voltage requirements as its smaller sibling, options available on the 4300s include a backup battery providing up to one hour of operation as well as several front panel configurations.

Special for our Canadian friends…There is a Canadian Version to Comply with CAR 529.1303

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