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Asset Remarketing

Convert your excess material into cash with a consignment at KADEXConsignment
Aero. Do you have legacy material from projects or aircraft that are long
gone? Do you look at book value and sigh then wish to convert your
asset to cash? Consider a consignment with KADEX. Free up storage
space for your next priority or project. Free up your time – Leave parts
selling activity to us so your time is better directed where you see fit or
on your core business activity. We can handle this activity on your behalf –
Your parts are inspected, catalogued, separated, segregated, stored in an
environmentally controlled warehouse, secured, insured, accessible for
your visit at any time. We report to you promptly and regularly on all sale
activity, sale price and material listings or as you would like. Payments
are sent promptly. If certain minimum selling prices are necessary you
establish all these controls.

We will establish your service costs (percentage of sale price) up front
and clearly before we move forward. The lower dollar value items such as
expendables are set at higher % rates moving to high dollar values such
as components at lower % rates then to engine, props and equipment at
even lower % rates. Improvement costs incurred by KADEX to enhance a
sale are deducted after the sale is completed.

Immediate marketing of your parts is a priority – Once your material is
inspected and listed we market immediately on ILS, Parts Base, Controller, and direct mail. This gets a world-wide exposure
24/7/365 to 30,000 subscribers. We monitor activity at all times, in the
evening and on weekends, to seize any opportunity as it presents itself.
We understand a long vs short sell cycle.

Why KADEX Experienced, capable, organized, trusted and reliable with
asset remarketing. We can convert your excess material to cash! 3000
customers world-wide , 100’s or line items parts quoted and sold daily,
24/7/365 marketing on high power sites. Selling daily to FBO’s, AMO’s,
Airlines, Air Services, Corporate Operators, Air Taxi, Distributors, Private
Owners, Overhaul Shops, Manufacturer’s, Government Air Service, Military
Contractors. Call us today for details.